Monday, March 30, 2009

Drop offs and Dogs

I have been having some problems with the drop off at Ali's school. It has taken forever each morning to drop her off for the last couple months. With the decrease in budgets the school decided not to open the gate until 8:15 when the kids have to be in class by 8:30. They are also making teachers responsible for this and the teachers are angry and are taking their time to open the gate. Every parent can not drop off their kid(s) and make it around the loop in 15 minutes. Last Thursday they didn't even open the gate until 8:22. While I am waiting in line Annika is screaming bloody murder and wants out of her car seat but I have to sit patiently in line becaue no one has opened the gate. The principal insisted there was nothing she could do. She told me that budget cuts made us all have to suffer. She is trying to be political and convince me that I should vote for higher taxes in May. But I don't believe her.

We have cut our budget and still manage to get by and she can manage too. I made a huge big stink about it, put it on a public internet forum and called to speak with her. I insisted that she made the big bucks for solving these problems. I insisted that it was unreasonable for us to have to take 20-30 minutes to wait in line to drop off our kids in the morning. She sent home a letter, opened the gate a few minutes earlier and this morning it was heaven. It took about 5 minutes instead of the usual 15-20 minutes that has been the average. I am glad I made a big stink and then next time there is a problem I will not wait so long to cause a fuss. After all the solution was easy but those in charge didn't consider it that big of a deal until I told them it was.

Also I almost got attacked by a pit bull type dog on my walk today. I had Annika in a front carrier and Ashling in the stroller. It came running at us from a house way up on the hill and it was growling and barking. I yelled at it to go home and that kept it off me but it would not leave and if I started to walk away it just came closer. It kept getting closer and closer to us and I was getting pretty afraid it was really going to attack. Sierra (my dog) was cowering against me so I don't think she would be much help. A truck came up the road about the time I was wondering if I should just let it have Sierra. I stopped the truck with a nice burly man in it who fought off the dog. Even though the man was trying to get him away and I was yelling at the dog every time I would walk away at all it was chasing me. Finally another construction worker with a big stick came and helped get the dog away. At that point the owner realized his stupid dog was on the attack and tried to call it. But of course the stupid dog wouldn't come. I yelled at the man to keep his dog locked up. I am pretty sure if I would have been alone Sierra would be injured or dead. With the kids I do not have any hands to carry a big stick. The construction worker suggested carrying a gun. It seems almost reasonable to me. Maybe some pepper spray? Any ideas? I love walking here but do not want to meet that dog again.