Tuesday, September 2, 2008


On Labor Day we decided to go to Disneyland. We hadn't decided one way or the other so Cameron woke the girls up by asking them if they wanted to go to Disneyland. They did. We actually spent most of the day at California adventure. We wanted to go on the new toy story ride and got there right before the park opened. But we didn't notice the long line was forming so soon and by the time we noticed it the line was over an hour long. (Season pass holders do not normally stand in any line for that long.) We decided we will try that ride another day. We rode on the merry go round and then Ali and Cameron went on California Screaming. Ali did not like the ride and came off crying. She said it made her tummy hurt. She wanted to go on the Orange Peel swings and so they went on that. (We were able to walk on all these rides.) We then went on the jelly fish ride which is a very mild up and down ride. Ashling reached a milestone this time as she is now 40 inches tall so she can go on a lot of the rides. We rode on the rockets and then went on California Souring (with our fast pass.) We got another fast pass for Grizzly river run for Ali and Cameron. After that we went to the Brother Bear place and Ali base jumped and rock climbed while we watched her and ate lunch. They went down the slides. Cameron and Ali went on Grizzly river run and Ashling and went over to Disneyland to wait in line for the other rockets. After we all went on the rockets Cam and Ali went on Space Mountain and then we saw Honey I shrunk the Audience. (FYI do not take little kids to this show as it is very scary for them. This was more scary to Ali than California Screaming.) We were then very tired and hot and we decided to call it a day. It is nice to have season passes and go home whenever you get tired.


Stacey and Tony said...

You can tell Ali I thought California scream was scary too. We are not naturally meant to go upside down. They are looking so big. It will be good to have a baby again since the other girls decided to grow up.

Barbara said...

How fun. I tried to talk andrew into disneyland that day to but it didnt work. We ended up at the beach instead. Next time you guys go call and maybe we can meet up.