Monday, September 8, 2008

My multi-colored calendar-confessions from a new soccer mom

I feel that my role as a mom is changing. I used to care completely for Ali and Ashling all day, every day. I was pretty much the only one responsible for their care. I got them ready for the day, taught them everything they learned from using the bathroom to learning their letters and played with them all day. Now I have a new role. I am a soccer mom. What is a soccer mom? It is the mom who is responsible for driving their kids everywhere. A soccer mom no longer needs to dress her kids and feed them their food but instead must buy the right kinds of clothes and pack the right things in lunches. A soccer mom is not the only adult in her kids life but now shares that life with a teacher, a coach, a dance teacher and for me, a primary teacher. I take Ali to school, take Ashling to school, pick up Ashling from school, pick up Ali from school, take Ali to soccer practice, parties, friends houses, and soon to dance practice. I even find myself taking Ashling more places than just school as she enjoys friends houses and story time.

So I now have a multi-colored calendar. Ali is orange, Ashling is green, I am blue and Cameron is yellow. I have some color on all of my days and many of them are a rainbow of different colors. In a matter of weeks I have gone from not needing a calendar to needing one with multiple colors.

I actually love my new role. I am always going somewhere and now I do not feel trapped in the house with nothing to do. I get to meet lots of neat parents and people I would never get to meet if I wasn't driving my kids everywhere and waiting for them. I enjoy their independence, do not mind never having to change their diapers and I still get to tuck them in at night and cuddle them on my lap. I love my daughter reading to me on the couch where she still sits on my lap and letting her pick out my clothes because she knows what is in style better than me. For now they may think they are big but they are still my little babies.

On another note- Ali had her first soccer game on Saturday. It was a learning experience. She had never played or watched soccer before and only had two practices. She was a little unsure of what the whole point to the game was but she tried to keep the ball away from the green team. The problem was the green team had some excellent players and they kept scoring goals. If you look at the picture of Ali pouting that is the problem- another score for the green team. (It is good that we don't keep score in under 8 soccer because otherwise I would have to report the score to you!) Her big play was getting the ball away from a girl about to score! Go Ali!


Nicole said...

It's crazy how fast our roles change. I can't believe how quickly the kiddos grow. I'll remember to really enjoy this baby stage because it will be gone so soon! Love all the latest posts. Your girls are so cute!

Stacey and Tony said...

I don't think we gave them permission to grow! Ali looks like she''s maybe 8 or 9 in the pouting picture. Cute though!

Cameron/Melissa said...

She just looks eight because her clothes are for an eight year old. They only had one size shorts-way too big for all the girls. But I guess they will fit for a long time that way!

Shar said...

i love that you color-coded your calendar! That is something I'll have to remember. :)

I love what you said about changing roles, too. It's so true, and a good thing to remember: that every stage and every role is fun and important.

way to go soccer player Ali! and way to go soccer mom!