Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My 100th Post

Well it is post 100 and I thought I ought to post something special for that post. So I have decided to post the top 100 places we have visited together. (Really this is almost every place we have visited but not everything made the list.) The kids have not been to all the places but Cameron and I have been to all these places together. It was fun to create this post because I got to think about all the places we have visited and I realize that we have had quite a fun life together so far.

Top 100 places we have visited:

1. Paris (Need I say more? We were here for our 7th anniversary and it was wonderful to be in this romantic city.)

2. Switzerland (We did not get to spend nearly enough time. I loved the hiking trails, the quaint cities and the beautiful alps. It looked just like I always imagined Heidi living in.)

3 Germany (We loved to visit Germany and especially loved the cool German houses with blinds on the outsides of the house. We loved the freeways with no speed limits and had the ride of our life to the airport in a tax.)

4 Mammoth (We love Mammoth. Together we have been there in the summer and fall. There is tons of hiking to do, places to shop and pools to swim in. We plan on going here again and again and hope to be able to afford skiing here sometime in the future.)

5 Zion (We have been to Zion a lot of times. One of my favorite things we did there was hike to the top of Angels Landing. Another time we hiked to hidden canyon. Zion is always a great place to visit.)

6 Top of Mt. Whitney (Cameron's mom, dad, brother, and I went along with Justin Smith on a 7 day backpacking trip. It was my first long trip and it took some getting used to. The best part was hiking up to Mt. Whitney early in the morning and the worst part was 101 switchbacks that didn't even begin to get us to our cars.)

7 Cabo San Lucas (We loved going on the boat ride and snorkeling, seeing whales, and visiting a great beach with amazing waves. I would go back there for a week and stay on the beach in one of those amazing condos we saw.)

8 Puerta Vallarta (An amazing combination of jungle and beaches. I enjoyed snorkeling and swimming at this location.)

9 Yosemite National Park (We have visited Yosemite twice -once in the summer and once in the winter. We took Ali with us camping when she was 10 weeks old. It was fun to see the sights, hang out with the Brown family and go hiking down to the bottom of the valley from the top.)

10 ziwatanejo (The little mexican restaurants on the beach, the woman who saved my fin and thus my future snorkeling adventures and the coral that I connected with a little too intimately remind me of the great place I wish we could have stayed for longer in.)

11 Bozeman Montana

12 Yellowstone

13 Star Valley Wyoming

14 Crescent Bay, California

15 The Wild Animal Park

16 Joshua Tree

17 Disneyland

18 Sequoia National Park

19 Kings Canyon National Park

20 Acapulco

21 Little Cottonwood Canyon

22 Big Cottonwood Canyon

23 Brighton ski resort

24 Alta ski resort

25 Snow Valley ski resort

26 White Pass ski resort

27 Boise Idaho

28 St. George Utah

29 The Uintas

30 Bishop California

31 McGee Pass

32 Big Bear Lake California

33 The San Rafael Swell, Utah

34 Corona Del Mar Beach, California

35 Oceanside Beach, California

36 The Eiffel Tower

37 The Palace of Versailles

38 The Louver

39 The Old Salt City Jail

40 Anniversary Inn

41 BYU

42 The Timpanogos Temple

43 Utah State Capital Building

44 Jackson Hole, Wyoming

45 Timpanogos Cave

46 Moab Utah

47 Jungfrajoch (the top of Europe)

48 Wengen, Switzerland (a car free city)

49 Grindelwald, Switzerland

50 Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland (we visited an amazing waterfall here)

51 Sedona Arizona

52 Phoenix Arizona

53 Glen Canyon dam

54 Hoover Dam

55 Las Vegas, Nevada

56 Red Rocks, Nevada

57 Calf Creek Falls, Utah

58 Canyon Lands, Utah

59 Hiked the Zion Narrows

60 South Fork Park, Utah

61 Mt. Nebo, Utah

62 Temple Square, Utah

63 Antelope Island, Utah

64 Convict Lake, California

65 Seattle Space Needle

66 Mt. Rainier Scenic Loop

67 Seattle Temple

68 Keller Peak, California

69 Targee Ski Resort

70 Rexburg, Idaho

71 Top of Mt. San Jacinto, California

72 Palm Springs Tram

73 Top of Delano Peak, Utah

74 Huntington Beach, California

75 Teton National Park

76 Chicken Foot Lake, Califonia

77 City Creek, California after the flash flood

78 Flaming Gorge

79 California Adventures

80 Santa Monica Pier

81 Palm Springs Canyon

82 Alta Alps Chalet

83 Lake Tahoe

84 Bridal Veil Falls

85 Rock Canyon, Utah

86 Granduer Peak, Utah

87 Sky Blue Lake in the Sierras

88 Fiery Furnace, Arches National Park, Utah

89 Fisherman's Camp, Deep Creek, California

90 Idyllwild, California

91 Palamar Mountain

92 Barton Flats Campground

93 Top of Mammoth Mountain

94 Green Valley Lake, California

95 Road 1N09 San Bernardino National Forest

96 Guitar Lake, Sierras, California

97 Lake Arrowhead

98 Salt Lake Temple Square

99 Big Pine Canyon

100 Pyramid Lake near Fernley, Nevada


Stacey and Tony said...

What Avondale didn't make the list? This mecca of oven temperatures and desert sand? Ok, so maybe that was before we got the big screen TV. It would totally make the list now. We even have very green grass in the backyard. (Tony has been very diligent in watering and seeding it.)

Ina said...

If I listed all of Shiloh's and my trips together I would be luck if I could get to 20. I think we should do something about that. Happy 100th!